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Publish An Amazing Pamphlet with Professional Online Brochure Maker

Do you familiar with the digital publication industry? If the answer is yes, then you must hear about the Fliphtml5. It orientates in being the most popular online brochure maker both at home and abroad. This software can convert static PDF files into dynamic interactive online publication. Whatever styles of the brochure you want, it can satisfy your requirement. Apart from the information in this page, If you want to learn more features about Fliphtml5, please browse the website



Batch Convert

Too many files want to convert? There is no need to worry about this problem, for files can be batch convert in Fliphtml5. Users can deal with many static files at a time. And after converting, the files magically become dynamic! Like reading with a paper book, the digital ebook can be flipped, too. Click the next page or last page button, the content will be turned to corresponding pages. What’s more, if one feels tired with clicking the page content, auto-flipping mode is also available!


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Search Engine Optimization

Put the ebook into the web is a common choice for many users. At times the flipbook also be used for commerce application. Therefore, optimize the search engine of the ebook becomes significant. Think about an attractive title for the ebook, pick up the hit keywords, simplifying the description of your book, maximizing the opportunity of finding your flipping book. Only when your target readers find your ebook easily can you reach your business goal.


page flip book maker

Share on Social Networks

Nowadays share is everywhere, people share opinions, interested people and things - network plays an unprecedented essential part in the world. So if one wants to display his/her content to other people, just several clicks can meet the demand. Upload the making brochure to the web and share it on social networks, you will find many people can see it! That’s because your ebook can be circularly shared, too. If someone likes the ebook, he/she will share to his/her friends and families, the books will be shared persistently then!


page flip book maker