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78. Can I delete the flipping book I have uploaded to Page-Flipping Server?

Page-Flipping provides handy flipping book maker for converting many kinds of file to flash page flipping book easily. Besides, users can upload their created digital books onto her server by reasonable payment. Take an example that the Page Flipping PDF Pro provides a channel for uploading directly. In addition, you are able to manage the online book freely. It is your choice to hide or show your books, you can also delete the uploaded book if you think it is not necessary any more.

Step1: launch the flipping book maker, Page Flipping PDF Pro;
Step2: click “Manage Online Books” icon and login in your account;


Manage Online Books

Step3: click the “Delete” icon to delete the book quickly. If you need to delete more than one book, you can also check the books at first and then click the “Delete” button to finish deleting.


Delete flipping book









*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the page flipping book.


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