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82. How to make the flipping book smaller?

We need to compress the file size to make it smaller to save space sometimes. And a smaller size will always enable a quicker download. Online publications publisher may need to publish large page flipping books every day. Then how to make the outputting flipping book smaller? Page Flipping PDF and Page Flipping PDF Professional can help to solve this problem perfectly. But firstly, you should know that smaller size always means lower quality.

If you are using the flipping book maker provides by Page-Flipping, you can do some settings in the Import PDF window.


Import PDF


Browser and open a PDF file and define the page range to import. You can also find the Page Quality tab in this window; you can choose a reasonable option for your book. “Lower quality smaller file size” is the option which can make your flipping book smaller than others.














*Please be aware that you have to click “Apply Changes” to apply any changes to the page flipping book.


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