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100 free flipping book publisher professional for PDF.

2014 comes and good news also comes In the beginning of the year. PUB HTML5, the developer of flipping book publisher, launched a comprehensive update for its two main digital book tools. The tools are used to convert PDF to flipbook with amazing page flip animations and sound and with interactive eBook content. In the third day of the release, most of the old users responded actively. One said:”I like new PUB HTML5; it adds more basic functions and new free templates. I think it is quite cost-effective since it keeps free updating for us old users”. Another said:”Every time I sent email to them, they response so quickly. To my surprise, they took my suggestions in this updated version.” Now, the star free flipping book publisher – PUB HTML5 is more practical since the new version is online.


The concept is simple; find a way to make your information as engaging as possible with a great user interface and a touch of novelty to keep them hooked. free flipping book publisher delivers this by helping you build a dynamic flipbook marketing piece that utilizes your current material and reinvents it into an interactive piece with 3D style page flipping complete with Google Analytics and SEO ready.

Their latest free flipping book publisher converts PDF documents into top notch page turning flipping books for iPad users. The software users would be able to control the flipping book quality with almost any mobile or computer browser supporting CSS3 technology.
“It’s the perfect means to realize the marketing of the cross platform”, noted the second spokesperson. Added to it, he revealed that the PUB HTML 5 3.20 version allows the users to turn the flipbook pages in three ways- by dragging, through buttons and via thumbnails.

Then how does the flipping book publisher works as a leader among online business? It is because of that user can insert not only YouTube video but also MP4 video into pdf to flipbook with the PUB HTML5. In addition, its name indicates that it is able to create page flip book with 3D vision effect. This is so cool and it’s also the biggest difference when compared to its competitors. It’s offered in an affordable price but provide professional functions.