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Page Flipping ePub

Customize ePubs to amazing page flipping book!

Page Flipping ePub is a professional converter which converts general ePub book to stunning Flash page flipping books quickly. The converted Flash page flipping e-book show you and readers a real effect of page turning that lead you to explore a new type of reading. Although the ePub is an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum, the flash page filpping e-book must supersede it. So become the forerunners with using Page Flipping ePub from here!
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The design of Page Flipping e-Pub is beyond traditional e-book and e-Pub a lot, and we always seek for more wonderful operation and services for the beloved users. Next is the biggest suprise that Page Flipping e-Pub brings to you.

1. Unique Bar Settings


Page Flipping ePub is a customized software, you can operate the tool bar of your flipping e-book. Show or hide the tool bar, "homepage", "about", "print" and "download". Show the homepage, then readers easily go to your homepage and view more informations of you; Show the about and insert content, then readers have more understanding of your flipping e-book; Show the print then people who likes your book can easily print your book into pages; Show the download then readers preserve your flipping e-book in their disk or PC for timely reading.

2. Viewed on-line, PC, CD/DVD and Mobile Devices



Page Flipping e-book made by Page Flipping ePub can be published as many types of publications, magazines and these publication of flipping eBook are royalty-free. HTML format eBooks online without website domain limitations; Distribute your publications using Email in zip or exe formats; Mobile devices accepted, if you had the flipping e-book in mobile version; You can also burn your book to CD/DVD for easy storing and sending. As you own the Page Flipping e-Pub, you don't need to pay more to us for your flipping book no matter commercial or personal use.


3 Powerful Share Function


When design your Flipping e-book, you can enable the share button, then readers of your flipping e-book can click the "Email Share" button, write in the email address to send out your book link as the email body directly. Besides, another one is social share: click the social share button, people can spread the links of your flipping book through the hot medium easily: Reddit, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Twitter and so on.

4. Multiple Insertions



Page Flipping e-book is a newly developing format of e-books. It is designed to better express thoughts of authors with insertion of music, pictures, links, logo, watermark and links. Picture inserted to beautify your flipping e-book; Sound embedded to act in concert with the content of your flipping e-book; Links put in to connect to your personal homepage or company homepage to publicize your company or organization. Logo, watermark inserted protects your flipping e-book and has a invisible function of publicity.

5. Realistic Page Flipping



Page flipping e-Pub must supersede the e-Pub, cause the convenient operations it included: Show you a realistic page turning and the third dimension feeling by using mouse wheel to flip pages, dragging the top corner to flip pages, clicking shadows to flip pages and turning the pages of flipping e-book with the sound on/off.


6. Integration of Google Analytics



Are you a member of the Google Analytics? If you are, in the HTML output format of your Page Flipping E-book, you can add your Google Analytics ID to track your book reading status with ease. You will have an overall understanding of your book visiting data and each page popularity.



7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



We have been exploring the software for many years, and we have a sincere team with cohesion. We are faithful to our flipping builder, so we believe you will love the wonderful software. However, we still guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you will get your money back, only request a refund at by email.



8. Pay for Once, Free Upgrading Forever


Many electric products are not free when you need upgrade, but we guarantee that one-time fee, upgrading free forever. The Page Flipping e-Pub will always belong to you once ordered, you can use it to convert all your qualified files, and these are all you deserve. Once you pay for it, thousands of Flipping books you can make.

The Page Flipping ePub will never betray you, so you can use it to convert your every printable files, and these are all you deserve. Once you pay for it, thousands of Flipping books you can make.



The features below are contracted advantages with e-Pub that Page Flipping e-book made by e-Pub will no doubt provides you!

1. Import Features

(1). Easy import and quick convert;

(2). Convert e-Pub files to PDF;

(3). Convert e-Pub files to Adobe© Flash® based page-flipping e-book easily;

(4). Add watermark as: text, image, dynamic date/time etc to your flipping e-book;

(5). Set the quality and size for normal version and mobile version;

(6). Import links from original e-Pub;

(7). Insert the background music and set the play loops;

(8). Import text, then the search function can be flexible used in your flipping e-book.


2. External Appearance

(1). Modify height and width to show the image in fit place;

(2). Different templates and themes to your flipping e-book;

(3). Add page number to output Flash e-book;

(4). Set background color and image;

(5). Set colors and position to the tool bar;

(6). Show or hide tool bar like: print, about, full screen and download.


3. Functional Settings

(1). Provide command line version;

(2). Enable or disable the tool bar, as print and download;

(3). Select the reading order, from right to left or left to right;

(4). Automatic flipping setting to your flipping album;

(5). Manual turn the flipping book;

(6). Encrypt your all pages or part of your flipping e-book;

(7). Trigger another application after creating page flipping e-book;

(8). Define language for your page flipping e-book;

(9). Hard cover to better show the realistic page flipping effect.


4. Output Formats

Page Flipping e-Pub helps you design your page flipping book easily and offers you different output formats, in order to provide you better services.

(1). Html: Show flipping e-books online without website domain limitations or paying royalty fees;

(2). Exe: send the exe via email, then readers can download to view your flipping e-book on their own computer;

(3). Zip: Transmit the zip of your flipping e-book via email;

(4). Mobile version: When output the flipping e-book in html, you can set the mobile version at the same time, then your flipping e-book can be read on mobile devices which support slide single pages;

(5). CD: Burn your flipping e-book to a disk, you can send the CD/DVD to your readers, and they can view your flipping e-book on their own computer;

(6). App: run on PC.

5. Page Flipping e-Book features

With the Page Flipping ePub you can create your own page flipping e-book which offers you and readers convenience. The privilege readers enjoy:

(1). Use CD which is installed the flip book;

(2). Use mouse wheel to flip pages;

(3). Share among friends via e-mail;

(4). Feel the third dimension;

(5). Search key words to find the related pages in seconds;

(6). Click shadows to flip pages;

(7). Print your flipping e-book;

(8). Drag the top corner to flip pages;

(9). Download your flipping e-book;

(10). On-line view;

(11). Full screen view;

(12). Turn the pages of flipping e-book with the sound on/off;

(13). Automatic flip pages settings;

(14). Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;

(15). Timeless view your flipping e-book;

(16). Click the inserted the URL to know more about the flipping e-book you made.


The Traditional General ePub Features


The ePub is short for electronic publication, it's a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum. ePub is designed for reflowable content, meaning that the text display can be optimized for the particular display device used by the reader of the ePub-formatted book, although EPUB now also supports fixed-layout content. The format is meant to function as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale. It supersedes the Open eBook standard.