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Page Flipping Image

Import images then interactive Flash eBooks appear!

Page Flipping Image brings realistic photo albums to you easily and quickly which defined as an animated flipping digital photo catalog. Importing thousands of images for Page Flipping Image, then it will return you a stunning page flipping image album. When you need to make present for Golden Wedding of your grandparents, page flipping photo album must be necessary and sweet! When you want to beat competitors in your work, a presentation with page flipping photo catalog must be persuasive. And people can share your dynamic page flip products with friends and clients via an email or a website.
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Flash Player 10.0+

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Realistic page flipping photo album can be designed from here!

Excellent is because of the Perfect, as the gold is by fire!

Multiple Uses

The Page Flipping Image can easily build electronic photo albums, electronic magazines, Advertise brochure with realistic page flipping effect! Page Flipping Image can help you a lot, and save your money and your time.

Electronic photo albums

Show your page flipping electronic photo album to woo someone or just a present for relatives and friends which full of love;

Electronic magazines

Show your page flipping electronic magazines on your web to publicize your products and company, nothing would be better than this high quality commercial;

Advertise brochure

Show your page flipping advertise brochure to touch your clients and beat the competitors that must be amazing and persuasive!

So what are you waiting for? Hurry up, click your mouse and purchase, the grateful Page Flipping Image belongs to you from now!

1. Easy to Handle



In the Page Flipping image interface, you may easily import many images at the same time. Within a few minutes it will turn into the Page Flipping photo album with the realistic page flip effect, while you don't need to have a special learning how to use the software. It's a simply office software tool to people and really easy to use.


2. Various Decoration Settingsdecoration_page_flipping_image


The Page Flipping Image offers users different style frames and clip arts of the Page Flipping Photo Album, to perfect accord with the users' aesthetic. Modify height and width to make your image, whether landscape or portrait, show correctly, different patterns express your different moods!

3. Distribution On-line and CD, Transmission through E-mail



The Page Flipping Image makes the Flipping photo albums, magazines, brochures and catalogues that can be distributed on-line or just view offline, transmitted through the E-mail, run on CD/DVD. Besides, the every generated flip album are all free of royalty, no matter your intended purpose is commercial or personal.


4. Perfect Protection



protection_page_flipping_imageSet watermark: select a prepared watermark, and you can edit the watermark, at the same time you can insert the apply link to publicize your company; Import a watermark as an image or SWF is no problem; Add security: you can add the password to allow or forbid others to read your flipping page image album. If you don't want strangers to view your album, you can require a password to open the document; and you may be willing to show your album, but you don't want others to copy or print. With the great security settings, you can publish and protect your flipping image albums.

5. More edition settings


edition_page_flipping_imageIn settings of Page Flipping Image, there are 3 parts, the first one is for you to edit every page of your flipping photo album, the images here can be transformed in rotation, effect and output quality. Also you can add bookmark and select the different bookmark style. And you can write in the title, subject, author and keywords of the properties of your flipping photo albums. Except the users interface option and window options when output PDF, you can also set the different options to output scan, email and FTP.


6. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee




We have been exploring the software for many years, and we have a sincere team with cohesion. We are faithful to our flipping builders, so we believe you will love the wonderful software. However, we still guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you will get your money back, only request a refund at by email.


7. Pay for Once, Free Upgrading Forever




Many electric products are not free when you need upgrade, but we guarantee that one-time fee, upgrading free forever. The Page Flipping Image will always belong to you once ordered, you can use it to convert all your images to a flip photo album, and these are all you deserve. Once you pay for it, thousands of Flipping photo catalog you can make.




1. Protection Setting

(1). Select a prepared watermark, to customize your flipping photo albums;

(2). Edit the watermark, the text of the watermark you have choosen can be changed as you wish;

(3). Insert the apply link to publicize your company;

(4). Import a watermark as an image or SWF is no problem;

(5). Add the password to allow or forbid others to read your flipping page image album;

(6). Require a password to open the flipping photo album;

(7). The added password can protect your flipping photo album not to ba copied or printed.

With the great watermark and security settings, you can publish and protect your page Flipping image albums.

2. Edition Settings

(1). Pick the page size;

(2). Select an orientation: landscape or portait;

(3). Set the margin, the size of every side can be edited;

(4). Page layout can be changed, the image count;

(5). Decide the position of the images in your flipping photo album;

(6). The images can be transformed in rotation;

(7). Pick your image effect from 3 choices;

(8). Pick the output quality of the images;

(9). Add bookmark and select the different bookmark type;

(10).Write in the title, subject, author and keywords of the properties of your flipping photo albums;

(11). Design the users interface option and window options when output PDF;

(12). Set the different options to output scan;

(13). Automatically attach output PDF to an email after the printing finished;

(14). Set the FTP.


3. Decoration


(1). Pick clip arts for every image;

(2). Different frames for you to choose for your flipping photo album;

(3). Set special effect to images;

4. Importation

(1). Import almost all formats of images:JPEG/JPG/JPE, BMP/Bitmap, PNG, TIF/TIFF, PSD, PCX, JPEG2k/JP2/J2K, RAW, DCM/DIC/DICOM and more;

(2). Import images from Computer or digital cameras directly;


5. Various Output Format

There are four formats that Page Flip Image will take to you:

(1). Html:it makes your publication can be distributed on-line or just view offline;

(2). Zip, it helps you to transmit your publication through the E-mail;

(3). Exe, it let your publication can be used in your computer separately;

(4). Besides, all these formats can be burn to CD/DVD as you like.



6. Page Flipping Photo Album features

With the Page Flipping Image, you can create your own page flipping photo album which offers your readers more convenience to read your publications. While reading, the book users can do below activities:

(1). Use mouse wheel to flip pages;

(2). Click shadows to flip pages;

(3). Drag the top corner to flip pages;

(4). Download book to read locally;

(5). Automatic flip pages;

(6). Thumbnail present book pages to know your design more better;

(7). Full screen view;

(8). Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;

(9). Turn book background sound on/off when page is turning;

(10). Share the flipping photo albums via emails;

(11). Click on links you added and go to related pages.