Convert PDF, Photo Gallery, MS WORD, MS PowerPoint to interactive and amazing flash page flipping eBooks with ease!

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Page Flipping Office

Page flipping magzine from ordinary office files!

    Page Flipping Office convert PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents to wonderful Flash page flipping books. Online Catalog, Digital Brochure, Virtual Magazine, Newspaper, Flip Album, Design Proposal and Corporate Program can be made with using the Page Flipping Office which gives a realistic page trunning effect to your publication. Successful presentation and negotiation can't without a page flipping effect instruction.
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1. Different Templates and Themes



Page Flipping Office offers you different pre-designed templates and themes, you can pick the suitable template and theme to you rflipping ebook, and you can also design a new theme to your flipping ebook; More amazing templates and themes are available in our website, you can download for your flipping book. One template one style, different theme expresses your mood!

2. Supported Office Documents


office_page_flipping_officePage Flipping Office is easy-to-use software, your own page flipping e-book quickly be produced. The only requirement to your original documents below: Microsoft Word documents(docx;*.pptx;*.xlsx); Microsoft Publisher (*.pub); Microsoft Infopath (*.xml;*.xsn); Microsoft Visio ( *.vso); Microsoft Compiled HTML Help (*.chm); PDF for Adobe PDF; OpenOffice; TEXT document (*.txt); RTF document (*.rtf).

3. Ways to Shareshare_page_flipping_office


You can publish your page flipping ebook online, then others can share your flipping ebook easily via email;

And your book online will enable more readers to share your book with others via social share channels: Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo etc;

These two way to share your flipping ebook will help you to promote your flipbooks more easily and conveniently.

4. Publish Formats


Page Flipping Brochures made by Page Flipping Office can be published as any type of publications, magazines, brochures and catalogues to web sites, email and even CD-ROM. And these publication of flipping eBook is royalty-free. As you own the Page Flipping Office, you don't need to pay any penny to us for your flipping book no matter what your intended purpose is, whether commercial or personal.


5. Periodic Duty



The Page Flipping Office will never betray you, so you can use it to convert your every office and PDF file to realistic flipping ebook and these are all you deserve.

Once you pay for it, thousands of Flipping books you can make.




6. Wonderful Technical Support



Page Flipping Office is independent from other third-party programs and you don't need to download other extra cost Flash edit suites. The Page Flipping Office is efficient, easy-to-operate and convenient to everyone, no matter readers or authors. And the program can be used to convert all kinds of Office documents to digital magazines.


7. 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



We have been exploring the software for many years, and we have a sincere team with cohesion. We are faithful to our flipping builder, so we believe you will love the wonderful software. However, we still guarantee if you are dissatisfied with our services for any reason, you will get your money back, only request a refund at by email.


8. Pay for Once, Free Upgrading Forever


Many electric products are not free when you need upgrade, but we guarantee that one-time fee, upgrading free forever. The Page Flipping Office will always belong to you once ordered, you can use it to convert all your qualified files, and these are all you deserve. Once you pay for it, thousands of Flipping books you can make.

1. Design Feature


(1). Easy import and quick convert;

(2). Convert Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office and OpenOffice documents and images to Adobe© Flash® based page-flipping eBooks easily;

(3). Create your own template;

(4). Set the quality and size for normal version and mobile version;

(5). Enable or disable the tool bar, as print and download;

(6). Modify height and width to show the image in fit place;

(7). Add watermark as: text, image, dynamic date/time etc to your flipping book;

(8). Add page number to output Flash e-book;

(9). Pick template and theme to your flipping e-book;

(10). Insert the background music and set the play loops;

(11). Set background color and image;

(12). Select the reading oder, from right to left or left to right;

(13). Set colors and position to the tool bar;

(14). Import text, then the search function can be flexible used in your flipping e-book;

(15). Automatic flipping setting to your flipping book;

(16). Manual turn the flipping book;

(17). Encrypt your all pages or part of your flipping book;

(18). Trigger another application after creating page flipping e-book;

(19). Full screen bar show or hide;

(20). Define language for your page flipping e-book.

2. Different Output Formats


Page Flipping Office helps you design your page flipping book easily and offers you different output formats, in order to provide you better services.

(1). Html: Upload the html to a website, then your page flipping e-book can be viewed online (with title, keywords and other metadate defined);

(2). Exe: send the exe, then readers can download to view your flipping e-book on their own computer;

(3). Zip: Transmit the zip of your flipping e-book via email;

(4). Mobile version: When output the flipping e-book in html, you can set the mobile version at the same time, then your flipping e-book can be read on mobile devices which support slide single pages;

(5). CD: Burn your flipping book to a disk, you can send the CD to your readers as present, and they can view your flipping book on their own computer.

3. Page Flipping e-Book Features

With the Page Flipping Office, you can create your own page flipping e-book which offers you and readers convenience. The privilege readers enjoy:

(1). Feel the third dimension;

(2). Click shadows to flip pages;

(3). Drag the top corner to flip pages;

(4). On-line view;

(5). Use CD which is installed the flip book;

(6)). Share among friends via e-mail;

(7). Double-click to zoom in or zoom out;

(8). Turn the pages of flipbook with the sound on/off;

(9). Print your flipbook;

(10). Download your flipbook;

(11). Use mouse wheel to flip pages;

(12). Automatic flip pages settings;

(13). Full screen view;

(14). Timeless view your flipbook;

(15). Search key words to find the related pages in seconds;

(16). Click the inserted the URL to know more about the flipbook you made.