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Page Flipping Slideshare Tutorial

Page flipping software which can make PDF files with a real page flipping effect is developed by high technology. There are Windows version and MAC version for you to choose from. To make you know well about the products we provided, we prepare the slideshare tutorial for you. As we all know that PowerPoint is a good way to explain and show new ideas. It helps to visualize the concept slides by slides. It is made in the form of the pictures. For we think that pictures can make you understand easily. The slideshare tutorials we release are about products functions, creating skills, page flipping effect, and so on. You can get what you want here. To learn more program skills about the software can help to make outstanding works quickly and easily. Making flipping book is such an enjoyment from now on.

The Pre-developed Page Flipping Themes for page-flipping software enables you to create more affecting page-flipping eBooks within shorter time. Just three steps to use themes in your Page Flipping Creator tools:


We will continue to add new slide share. Thanks for your attention and hope that it will be helpful. Just have a watch at the below flip slideshare which is special tutorial about page-flipping book software!


Create Attractive Page Flipping for Your Children

People use page flipping software to create flipbooks with attractive real page flipping effect. There are many different kinds of industries have applied it to their businesses. For example we can find digital book, brochure, magazine, newspaper, etc online. But you might never think that such stunning flipping page can also catch children’s eyes.


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Two Ways to insert Music into Page Flipping Book

In generally, professional page flip software provides two ways for embedding music into flipping book. One is to apply the music to the entire book, and the other is to apply music to targeted pages. Take Page Flipping PDF Pro as an example, this slideshare introduce detail processes to insert music into page flipping book. At last, it also provides the differences between these two ways.


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Digital Page Flipping Flash Catalog

Main features:
1 realistic flipping effect and amazing background settings;
2 special page editing functions: add dynamic text, price, Pop up photos; insert button;
3 display on iPhone, iPad, mobile devices, Mac, CD/DVD;
4 transmit via email, share on-line;
5 impress customers with attractive template…


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Convert Office Files to Page Flipping Book

Flipping book maker – Page Flipping Office Pro
Page flipping Office Pro is developed for converting common office files to flash page flipping book. It makes a totally different appearance to our documents easily and quickly.

How to make it?
1. Install Page Flipping Office Pro and launch it;

2. Design a beautiful flash template or import free template;



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Two Ways to Apply Watermark to Page Flipping Book

Page Flipping PDF Pro is a great page flipping software developed for converting common PDF file to stunning page flipping book, magazine, brochure, papers, etc.
It provides maximum privileges to users for creating personalized works. The powerful editing function is one of its outstanding characters.


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How to upload page flipping book online?

Page flipping book in html output type can be uploaded online, so that everyone can read the book through the internet. But some people do not own web server that they can’t share their works easily.
Page-flipping provides you privilege to publisher your book on its server. You need to register a free account before uploading.


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Online Templates for Page Flipping Designing

Here comes a piece of good news that page-flipping updates free online templates for her users every week. All the pre-designed templates for page flipping book designing are design carefully. Each one is special and high quality. To apply these beautiful flash templates to your online digital book, you should install Page Flipping PDF or Page Flipping PDF Pro at first. You are able to apply the online template directly with the software conveniently.


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Make Online Flipping Book Printable or not

We convert PDF file to flipping book and publish it online. It shows us as a normal webpage but not like any other common digital book. There may be a wonder that if we can print the flipping book out? If yes, how to do it?

Page-Flipping provide a handy flipping book maker, by which you can decide to make your flipping book printable or not.


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